Feb 2013

Snap Happy Kiwis Set To Recreate Memories of Yesteryear

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Snap Happy Kiwis Set to Recreate Memories of Yesteryear- Polaroid have announced the unique new film developed for the Polaroid 600 cameras.

Kiwi family cameras collecting dust amongst board games and billiard balls are set to get a nostalgic new lease of life, thanks to the announcement today of a unique new film developed exclusively for Polaroid 600 cameras.

With thousands of Kiwis seeking out the special film for their beloved Polaroid 600 cameras, the local importer has answered demand by distributing a new line of instant film by The Impossible Project, which is compatible with the classical Polaroid 600.

Polaroid NZ’s Chris de Wit says the increasing demand for film cameras represents a wider desire from Kiwis for the romanticism of times gone by, mixed with the magic of modern technology.

Being compatible with the popular Polaroid 600 cameras, the new film will give thousands of old Polaroid cameras sitting in storage a new life and will allow long term fans to re-live the original magic of instant photography and for new fans to experience it for the first time. The film type itself features the classic Polaroid border and stays true to the original unique look and feel of Polaroid film.

“This film certainly carries the legacy of classic Polaroid instant photos with a unique vintage feel and subtle emotion that can only be achieved by a Polaroid instant photo. It encourages creativity, emotion, and inspiration that have always been core values of Polaroid user’s worldwide” explains Mr. de Wit.

The brainchild of The Impossible Project chief chemist Martin Steinmeijer, the new PX680 film marks a giant leap in the accessibility and usability of the new Impossible instant film. Based on an entirely new formula, due to the fact that the original components of classic Polaroid film are no longer available, the PX 680 film has been invented and manufactured by the Impossible Project team at the former Polaroid production plant in the Netherlands.

One pack of PX 680 Colour Protection film contains 8 photos and works with type 600 Polaroid cameras.
PX680 Colour Protection Film for Polaroid 600 Cameras is available from leading camera specialists, RRP $39.95 per pack.

For more information, visit www.polaroid.co.nz or http://www.facebook.com/PolaroidNZ

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Snap Happy Kiwis Set To Recreate Memories of Yesteryear
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