Dec 2009

Study Shows Recession Hurting Kiwi Marriages

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According to a new study by K-Y Intimacy Brand, A quarter of Kiwi women say the recession is having a negative effect on their relationship.

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One in four New Zealand women say the current economic environment is having a detrimental effect on their relationship.

The K-Y Brand Intimacy Survey conducted by Consumer Link (Colmar Brunton) investigated the state of Kiwi relationships. Respondents said the current economic downturn had negatively impacted their love lives.

A quarter of Kiwi women said the fallout from the global recession had reduced intimacy levels in their relationships. Nearly a fifth of men surveyed (19%) agreed that financial stress had put a dampener on romance.

The good news is that Kiwi men want to rediscover their inner Prince Charming with more than three-quarters of them saying they won’t be cutting back on their spending this Valentine’s Day, despite harsher economic times.

Kiwi men said they wanted “more intimacy” with their partner and 27% (more than one in four) said romance was top of their list this Valentine’s Day. This was followed by a card (25%) and chocolates and flowers (20%).

And just what do men mean when they say they want greater intimacy? Nearly a fifth of men (19%) said the best way their partner could show them they were loved was by creating more romance in the bedroom!

When it came to the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat for women “greater intimacy” came in second to chocolates and flowers (26%) and equal to a card on 13%. Jewellery and lingerie closely followed on 11%.

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Study Shows Recession Hurting Kiwi Marriages
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