Sep 2010

Survey Kiwi Women Want Better Hair & Better Bodies

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Survey Kiwi Women Want Better Hair & Better Bodies a new study has shown what drives New Zealand women.

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Kiwi women want to be thinner, taller and have more attractive hair according to a new survey released today.

The Pantene Transformation Survey found that more than a quarter of women (26%) would like healthier hair and more than one in five (21%) want thicker hair.

Longer hair was still favoured by respondents with 11% putting that on their transformation wish list and 10% wanted their hair to appear shinier.

Interestingly of those women surveyed only 7% said they would change their hair to become more attractive to an existing or potential partner.

This was also the case when it came to changing the appearance of their body. While Kiwi women admitted to wanting to change their body shape this was not to become more attractive to their partners. A mere 7% of respondents said that when it came to wanting a better body appearance it was primarily to be more attractive to their partners.

But the results did show that nearly four out of 10 women (38%) would most like to be thinner. The winter gloom may have also taken its toll on exercise routines, with more than one in four (27%) saying they would like to be fitter.

Women’s reasons for wanting to change their bodies included health concerns (37%) and being generally unhappy with its appearance (33%).

Leading psychologist Sara Chatwin says it’s great to see women wanting to make changes to their appearance for themselves and not for anyone else.

“If women want to be fitter, healthier and feel better, they need to want to do it for themselves,” she says.

“The research does suggest that women are still fairly hard on themselves with regard to their looks and perceived appeal. We must also remember that if our expectations are too high or unrealistic, we may be disappointed. So it’s really important to take measures that accentuate the positives and allow women to feel good about themselves!

“Hair is such a visible part of us that when our hair is healthy and well groomed, we feel confident and ready to face the world. It’s even better when a hair product has such a proven and positive track record.”
The survey was commissioned by Pantene which has transformed itself, launching a range of new generation products with stylish packaging, an upgraded lightweight formula and improved conditioning system.

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Survey Kiwi Women Want Better Hair & Better Bodies
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