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Take Comfort Food Out Of Its Comfort Zone – with Moreish!

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Quality free range and organic meat is a winter essential, and with boutique online butchery Moreish, it available for delivery straight to Kiwi homes.

Moreish-lamb-shanksBid farewell the corned beef that’s curling at the edges, decidedly dodgy casseroles and sloppy shepherd’s pie – take comfort food out of its comfort zone this chilly season, with Moreish!

A boutique online butchery, Moreish prides itself on providing quality free range and organic meat delivered fresh to Kiwi homes. A gate to plate concept also ensures full traceability of all Moreish meat, from the moment it leaves the farm through the butchery process until it arrives at your door.

Moreish Corned Beef is the ideal match for your slow cooker. The easy way to create delicious, hearty winter fare, simply pop it in the slow cooker, cover with water and add a slice of orange rind, a tablespoon of vinegar, one of golden syrup, a few peppercorns, a bay leaf – then leave it to do its thing! Serve with homemade mustard sauce, mash and steam vegetables and you have a tasty dish that banishes all memories of corned beef that’s tough as old boots! Nitrate and preservative free, there are no nasties in Moreish Corned Beef.

Lamb lovers are in for a treat with Moreish Lamb Shanks. Try a delicious Sunday roast with family and friends with Moreish hind Lamb Shanks – thick, meaty lamb shanks that are French-trimmed, these premium shanks are simply divine when roasted. Serve with homemade gravy and a medley of roast Mediterranean vegetables drizzled with balsamic vinegar – yum!

If shanks and slow cooking is your match made in heaven, give your slow cooker some love with Moreish forequarter Lamb Shanks. At their best when slow-cooked and just perfect with a smooth, creamy mash, these shanks are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Whip up some rosemary gravy and you’ve got the perfect winter feast.

And for a feast that’s just a little bit fancy, Moreish Beef Short Ribs* are a tasty way to impress guests – without all the hard work behind the scenes! Similar to lamb shanks, beef short ribs are best when slow cooked or even double cooked. For double cooked deliciousness, slow roast the beef short ribs in your choice of marinade or juices for three to four hours then finish by grilling or barbecuing. Sticky, sweet and rich, this is comfort food with flair.

Boutique butchery Moreish sources all its beef and lamb from Clarkson Farm, an organic farm in the Manawatu. Clarkson Farm successfully integrates conventional practises with organic, providing plenty of nutritional grass to farm their animals on.

Moreish Director, Nicola Boniface, says comfort food often gets a bad rap when in fact it can be some of the most delicious fare on offer during the colder months.

“At Moreish we encourage Kiwi cooks to take comfort food out of its comfort zone by offering moist, delicious cuts such as Corned Beef, Lamb Shanks, Beef Short Ribs and more, to really embrace beautiful cuts of meat that should be celebrated – not decimated!” says Boniface.

“Once the beef and lamb arrives at Moreish, the beef is hung for 10-14 days prior to boning and slicing to provide customers with well-aged, tender beef. Lamb sizes vary throughout the year depending on when the lamb season is, but they are always lovely lean lambs. They are of the highest quality our butchers have seen anywhere in their 50-plus years of experience.”

  • Moreish 2x Forequarter Lamb Shanks (300gm each) – RRP $12.99
  • Moreish 1kg Organic Beef Short Ribs – RRP $20.99
  • Moreish Corned Beef 1.2kg – RRP $17.80
  • Moreish 2x Hind Lamb Shanks (750gm) – RRP $15.99

For more information about Moreish, visit www.moreish.co.nz

For images of the Moreish products mentioned, please click here.

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Take Comfort Food Out Of Its Comfort Zone – with Moreish!
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