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Tattoo Bijou Jewellery From The Tattooed Heart

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Tattoo Bijou Jewellery From The Tattooed Heart the latest jewellery collection from Auckland’s The Tattooed Heart.


Suffering from ennui caused by mass produced, ‘high fashion’ jewellery, the inimitable multimedia artists at The Tattooed Heart have designed Tattoo Bijou Jewellery – an ode to decadent and very personal adornment.

Destined for women who collect unique objects of beauty to last a lifetime, the limited edition collection is handmade in Pondicherry, India and revels in silver, sapphire, ruby, peridot and citrine.

Like any lovingly acquired collection, Tattoo Bijou combines romantic pieces both custom designed and individually selected, giving the impression they have been lifted from a treasured private collection coveted for centuries.

The Tattooed Heart’s creative force behind the jewellery range, Sofia Mella, says she wanted to reignite our passion for beautiful, timeless pieces – travelling to India and working with the craftsmen as they created each piece, lovingly by hand.

“Whenever I’m looking for jewellery here I always gravitate towards antique pieces with history or I get them custom made. I wanted to bring a feeling of ‘forever’ to the collection.  I didn’t want to create a jewellery line where you don’t know where it’s from or who made it or why.”


 One of the key pieces in the collection is the haunting marcasite and silver owl with ruby eyes, sourced in the workshop of one of Tattoo Bijou’s self-employed jewellers, Baba.  The Indian craftsman has created a stunning piece which can be worn as a brooch as well as a necklace.

Renowned Tattooed Heart in-house artist Adam Craft was responsible for the inspired “Wild Rose” pendant earrings – the drawings created in Auckland’s K’Rd and bought to life a world away in the small workshop in Pondicherry.

Mella spent time in Pondicherry interviewing staff to ensure they worked in only the very best conditions and were well remunerated for their flawless work. Those of us wanting to add some Tattoo Bijou to our own collections can do so knowing the craftsmen have been rewarded for their creative genius and flair.

Each exquisite piece in the Tattoo Bijou collection posses a unique quality, including the Rajistani red zircon cocktail ring and a pearl, ruby, emerald and sapphire 6-strand necklace which are redolent of lost-world glamour.

“I imagine each beautiful piece has a century old story behind it,” says Mella. “I picture our jewellery being worn by absinthe swilling babes from Weimar Berlin or as the hidden treasures of a forbidden King’s concubine. I felt very passionate about making a range that was relevant to any woman who is unapologetic in her love of quality.”

Margins have also been monitored to assure that Tattoo Bijou is realistically priced, with pieces starting at $65 for a 9.25 sterling silver ring and ranging though to $2,200 for a handcut emerald Tibetan necklace.

Women who lovingly practice the art of adornment, and the men who bejewel them, will instantly understand the arch style and enduring preciousness that is Tattoo Bijou.

The Tattooed Heart studio is situated at 202 Karangahape Road, Auckland. For more information visit TheTattooedHeart.co.nz or call 09) 379 2662.

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Tattoo Bijou Jewellery From The Tattooed Heart
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