Jan 2010

Tattoo Tourism Down Under

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New Zealand tattoo artists are finding their artistic skills in demand with celebrities such as Rhianna, Chris Brown, Robbie Williams and Ben Harper all being ‘inked’ while on tour here.

tattoo-artist-002Tattoo enthusiasts around the world are seeking the steady talented hands of Kiwi tattoo artists whose skills are putting them on the map.

Billed as ‘tattoo tourism down under’, this phenomenon has been popularised by high-profile celebrities including Rhianna, Chris Brown, Robbie Williams and Ben Harper who have all been ‘inked’ while on tour in New Zealand.

New Zealand has long been known as an artistic nation producing such talent as Goldie and Colin McCahon and now the skills of Kiwi tattoo artists are drawing attention from overseas.

“New Zealand definitely has a growing reputation around the world,” says Adam Craft, owner and operator of The Tattooed Heart. “We have very talented artists who are producing some truly quality art and that is reflected in the increasing amounts of customers from abroad.”

Craft is constantly fielding enquiries from places such as Canada, America, Brazil, Italy and France. “New Zealand is of particular interest for tattooists and tattoo collectors because of the country’s history and the art that is representative of that,” he says.

“The interest in cultural and ethnic tattoos is also gaining momentum and we have increasing numbers of tourists visiting the studio asking for souvenir pieces such as koru’s or New Zealand and Pacifica designs.”

The Tattooed Heart has had a number of celebrity clients including Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood, Ryan Reynolds as well as New Zealand’s own Keisha Castle Hughes, Danielle Cormack and Milon Borich from Pluto.

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Tattoo Tourism Down Under
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