Sep 2013

Teenage Brothers’ New Local Business Creates 10 New Jobs

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Two teenage brothers open their first business together in Rotorua, providing the city with 10 new jobs.

(L-R) Kaedyn and LiamTwo teenage brothers will create ten new jobs for the local Rotorua community by opening their first business together.

Kaedyn and Liam Stops will open a new Domino’s pizza store in the city this month.

With a combined history of 13 years’ experience with the company behind them, the Hastings boys say they are ready to take the next step in their careers.

Liam, 18, says he is thrilled to be able to provide 10 new jobs for the community with the new store.

“We’re eager to foster young talent ourselves now, using the skills we have learned from the company,” he says.

“It will be great to be able to offer others the opportunity for growth that we have had.”

Domino’s New Zealand General Manager Scott Bush says it is wonderful to see staff progress through the ranks.

“We enjoy seeing driven and motivated staff continue to challenge themselves in the business and meet new goals,” he says.

“The majority of our franchisors and senior staff started out as delivery drivers and such, working their way up the ladder. We feel huge pride when we see them succeed.”

Liam and his brother both started working for Domino’s part-time at the Hastings store when they were 12, before moving to the Domino’s Napier outlet.

Kaedyn, 19, says they enjoyed it so much that they would work over the weekends and the holidays.

“By the time we were 14 we were running shifts with up to 12 staff working under us. We loved the independence, and so we started managing the store at 16.”

Kaedyn says that owning their own store is the natural next step for the pizza lovers.

“We feel like we’re living the dream, as we always talked about starting a business together. We can’t wait to be in our new store with our uniforms on. Bring on the Christmas rush!”

Kaedyn says the duo enjoy working together because they know they can trust each other’s work ethic.

“We’ve been working together so long that we’ve learnt how each other ticks,” says Liam.

“Being siblings, we communicate well and we barely fight. We know what to expect from each other.”

The pair believes their closeness as brothers will help them to run their new store efficiently.

“We’re extremely close because we spend so much time together,” says Kaedyn.

“We’ve shared a room for as long as we can remember, and we’ve often asked to be rostered on together so we can share our breaks over a pizza and spend our days off hanging out. We’re best friends.”

The boys’ new Domino’s store in Rotorua will open in the Redwood Centre on September 23.

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Teenage Brothers’ New Local Business Creates 10 New Jobs
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