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The Perfect Design at the Tip of Your Fingers With the new Rinnai Arriva 752

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You can have the perfect design at the tip of your fingers with the new Rinnai Arriva 752. This innovative new fireplace gives your home that snug, warm feeling you want for a cosy winter, as well as offering a stylish addition to any room.

Arriva 752The beauty of winter and its snug, familiar feel is never complete without a fire hearty cuisine complemented by a glass of red and your closest friends gathered around the fireplace. Enjoy that cosy warm winter feeling for you and your family this season with a stunning modern touch, thanks to the new Rinnai Arriva 752.
The latest advancement in flame fires for Rinnai, leading provider of stylish space heating solutions, the Arriva 752 is an elegant addition to any home. No matter what your style rustic, minimalist or opulent, the Arriva 752 is a flame fire with your home design in mind.
With exciting new design aspects and flexible flue solutions, the Arriva 752 ignites the realm of indoor heating, boasting visual beauty alongside impressive innovation and giving you the control to create the perfect flame fire design for the heart of your home.
Interior Concepts Creative Director Simon Gill says the new flexibility offered by the Arriva is “a breakthrough for the industry”.
“For me when designing a space it’s often difficult to purchase off the rack, now I can bespoke every situation with this fantastic new development.”
As the director of one of the country’s most successful interiors and home staging businesses, Gill says fires add an important dimension to any room.
“A fire is a living thing it brings life to a space much like water. A fireplace is also the heart of a space, it anchors a room and the rest of the design is formulated around it,” says Gill.
“Fires are also a beautifully simple light source, romantic, enchanting and delicate at the same time captivating and mesmerizing they bring a quality to a room that no other design feature can evoke.”
Psychologist Sara Chatwin agrees Kiwis have always loved the cosy comfort of a fire and the closeness it can provide for friends and family. The warmth evokes memories of positive childhood experiences, of happy times spent around camp fires, barbecues and family fireplaces, she says.
“Warmth tends to make us happy. Research attests to the fact that we are happier when we are warm. There is also much evidence to suggest that many people fall prey to Sensory Affective Disorder more commonly known as the winter blues! We feel safe when we are warm and satiated and these are all positive psychological states of mind,” says Chatwin.
“We also find warmth to be both comforting and relaxing. It takes us to another place and time, with an almost escapist feel. Fire is also fascinating to watch; often people will just look at flames and they’re able to zone out and relax.”
With the opportunity to mix and match from two media and six different fascia options, the new Arriva 752 offers an extensive range of stylish framing options, alongside the choice between stainless steel and black looks. Additionally several flueing options allow you to install in a wider range of locations.
The Arriva 752 has an impressive 5.2 star energy rating and heat output of 7.0kW on high, providing a dedicated warm area of 95 square metres, so your warmth and comfort is prioritised this chilly season.
This fireplace not only creates a lovely wide feature fireplace in your home, but it is also approved by the Sensitive Choice Programme with the Asthma Foundation.
You can also ask for a life size Arriva 752 flame fire poster available through your Rinnai merchant – allowing you to view before you buy.
The new Rinnai Arriva 752? is available now. For more information, visit www.rinnai.co.nz/gasfireplaces or phone 0800 RINNAI (746 624).

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The Perfect Design at the Tip of Your Fingers With the new Rinnai Arriva 752
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