Nov 2011

The Polaroid Z340 Merges Digital Photography with Instant Printing

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The Polaroid Z340 Merges Digital Photography with Instant Printing Lady Gaga latest design takes Polaroid’s instant camera technology to a new level of style.

a3649b638ec996a0c7759932a8fb7681Delivering a new twist on the instant photo, the Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera marries the convenience of a digital camera with the classic Polaroid instant printing experience. Featuring on-board editing and viewing options, the Polaroid Z340 makes it easier than ever to snap, print and share.

The Polaroid Z340 delivers an authentic Polaroid experience, with innovative features set for the digital world. Photos can be cropped and edited on the camera prior to printing, saving photo paper. Photos are automatically saved on the camera or SD card for quick and easy download to a computer or upload to social media sites.

The Polaroid Z340 magic begins with ZINK® Zero Ink®Printing Technology. ZINK Photo
Paper(R) uses three layers of specially designed dye crystals that are activated and coloured
by heat. With 400 million heat pulses, the Polaroid Z340 3×4” white paper transforms into a
crystal-clear, colour image in a matter of seconds. Once printed, the photos are immediately dry and water, smudge and tear resistant.

Offering both the Classic Polaroid White Border format and full bleed 3×4’’ prints, the Polaroid Z340 helps you get creative with a variety of fun and useful borders that can be added to the image prior to printing. Further personalize your images by designing your own borders with the Z340 app.

The Polaroid Z340 comes with ten sheets of ZINK Photo Paper(R), a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an adapter/charger, USB cable and a hand strap. The product is available in December 2011, for $499.95 RRP.

Chris de Wit, Endurance Distributors said “We’re excited by the release of the Z340 Instant Digital Camera that combines all the feel and looks of the iconic Polaroid instant cameras, whilst moving to the next generation of ZINK® technology. Polaroid is giving its fans more opportunities to enjoy and share the magic of instant photography.

For more information, please visit www.polaroid.co.nz or www.showroom.co.nz

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The Polaroid Z340 Merges Digital Photography with Instant Printing
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