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Travel Evening Reveals Wonders of Exotic China

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House of Travel’s China Travel Evening gives interested travellers a taste of China

the-up-of-the-great-wallIf you’ve ever had a hankering to cruise down China’s Yangtze River, see giant pandas at Beijing Zoo, dine with a local Chinese family or marvel at the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an then House of Travel Nelson’s China Travel Evening may just be the ticket you need to kickstart your next exotic holiday.

House of Travel Nelson owner Jeff Lecky says the information evening is a bit of fun for people who are interested in China as a holiday destination, and drinks and nibbles will be served during the evening.

“We like to call it an information and inspiration evening. The main reason we do it is because our team is extremely well-travelled and we like to share our knowledge, give travel trips and hopefully inspire people to think about trying new destinations,” he says.

Lecky says the evening will feature films about some of the destinations available in the China tour packages offered by the travel agency.

“What we do is essentially take people on a journey to show them highlights from some of our most popular tours. It’s also an information evening, so we tell them about how to deal with the more practical side of things as well important cultural points, visa and passport requirements things that people need so they can plan ahead.”

The travel and film evenings are usually attended by around 30 people, but Lecky says the numbers have been as high as 50 to 60 potential travellers for some of the more popular destinations, such as Europe and the UK.

The China Travel Evening is being held at HoT Nelson on April 9. For more information, visit the website at www.hotnelson.co.nz

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Travel Evening Reveals Wonders of Exotic China
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