May 2012

Treat your Tastebuds with Muffin Break’s New Thin Crust Quiche

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Muffin Break’s new Thin Crust Quiche is a great lunch treat with fewer kilojoules so you can snack in peace.

Quiche 2Media Release: Finally a delicious treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about, treat your tastebuds with Muffin Break’s new thin crust quiche. This delectable tasting quiche has less pastry, egg and cream but still has the same great taste.
If you’re looking for a yummy lunchtime treat that won’t wreak havoc on your waistline then try Muffin Break’s new Thin Crust Quiche
This delicious quiche has the same great taste but now with less pastry, egg and cream which means fewer kilojoules for you!
In short we’ve given it a makeover. Our new quiche shell pasty has a thin crust and we’ve also added more premium flavours so you can enjoy a quiche that’s packed with flavour and still great value at just $5.80.
Whether you opt for Chicken and Asparagus, a traditional Quiche Lorraine, Spinach Feta and Pine Nuts, your old favourite Ham Cheese and Tomato, Pumpkin and Bacon or Vegetable there’s a quiche to suit your tastebuds.
The new Thin Crust Quiche joins the list of healthy options available at Muffin Break cafes which includes our 98% fat free muffins, bran muffins with only 12grams of fibre per serve, soy & linseed muffins for heart health and delicious gluten free muffins.
Muffin Break services manager Natalie Brennan says these options reflect consumer desire for products made from premium, quality ingredients that are better for them.
“At Muffin Break we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and delivering products they will love and enjoy. We have launched these new ranges to ensure there are healthier options for those customers requiring them,” says Brennan.
Quiche $5.80
Quiche & Side Salad $6.90
Quiche, Side Salad & Coffee $9.90

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Treat your Tastebuds with Muffin Break’s New Thin Crust Quiche
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