Mar 2013

Ultimate outdoor dream kitchen for Auckland couple

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Media Release: Rinnai Ultimate Barbecue winners will be making the most of the warm weather as they cook up a tasty feast.

75_1Media Release: Winners of a Rinnai Ultimate Bar are keen to get cooking.
When his shiny new $2500 Rinnai Ultimate Barbecue is delivered, the first item that prize winner Jim is going to cook on it is every good Kiwi bloke’s dream meal a nice, juicy slab of steak.Jim and his wife Lynn are the winners of a competition at Remuera’s The Gasman shop to win the ultimate outdoor kitchen a six-burner stainless steel Rinnai barbecue which comes with a teppanyaki unit, something Jim is keen to try his hand at.”We’re not generally that lucky in fact, I can’t remember the last time we won anything this major, so of course we’re thrilled.”Jim, a risk manager at an Auckland bank, and his wife entered the competition when they purchased a gas fireplace from The Gasman.
“I got the call while I was at work and Alan said ‘how’s your fire going’? He told me it was a customer satisfaction call. It was February at the time, so I told him it was still a bit hot to get a fire going and then he asked if we had room on our deck for a new barbecue,” says Jim.
The Gasman owner Robert Guthrie says he’s pleased to be able to offer one of their customers a complete outdoor summer experience.
“The weather’s still beautiful, so I think Jim and Lynn will enjoy their new barbecue for a while yet. It’s been a great summer and what better way to top it off for a lovely couple than to have the ultimate kitchen tool for cooking outdoors for many more summers to come,” says Guthrie.
To check out more of the Rinnai range of barbecues, visit www.thegasman.co.nz

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Ultimate outdoor dream kitchen for Auckland couple
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