May 2014

Up Your Culinary Game This Dinner Party Season – with Exotic Cuts From Moreish!

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Exciting and delicious dishes are made easy with the selection of exotic cuts from Moreish. The fresh gate to plate meats add a dynamic taste to any meal this season.

Osso-Bucco-VenisonTake your dinner party menu from the everyday to the exotic this winter with wild game from Moreish – the delicious way to up your culinary prowess!

A boutique online butchery, Moreish prides itself on providing quality free range and organic meat delivered fresh to Kiwi homes. A gate to plate concept also ensures full traceability of all Moreish meat, from the moment it leaves the farm through the butchery process until it arrives at your door!

For a tasty dish that turns the tables on traditional casseroles, Moreish Whole Wild Rabbit* is a sweet tender meat that friends and family will love. Cook the rabbit as a whole, or joint into loin legs and shoulders and cook for one hour. Create the perfect winter meal and braise your rabbit with mushrooms, white wine, onions and garlic and finish with a dash of cream.

Continue on your exotic culinary quest and try something new with Moreish Wild Goat. Sourced from young wild goats, Moreish diced goat is tender, lean and simply scrumptious when slow cooked in curries, tagines or casseroles. Lamb lovers will become wild goat converts the moment they try this amazing meat!

And take a trip on the wild side to Milan with Moreish Venison Osso Bucco. A tasty alternative to beef or veal osso bucco, when slow cooked this dish oozes with flavour and is sure to be a warming winter favourite. The ideal match for herbs such as rosemary and bay leaves, add a hint of lemon zest, tomatoes and garlic and treat your guests to a brave new world of wild cuts!

Boutique butchery Moreish sources its delicious selection of wild meats from Premium Game, one of New Zealand’s only MAF approved wild game meat specialists. All the wild animals are humanely trapped, caught or shot in their natural habitat of the wilderness of the Marlborough region before being processed through Premium Game’s MAF approved facilities in Blenheim.

Moreish Director, Nicola Boniface, says wild game provides an exciting alternative to everyday meats and a delicious option for hearty winter fare that offers something different.

“Kiwis need to be brave, step outside of their comfort zone and embrace the exotic with what we offer at Moreish! Wild rabbit, goat and venison are all beautiful examples of wild game that transforms everyday recipes into something just that little bit special,” says Boniface.

“The quality of the meat we source from Premium Game shines through in every order we receive and every week the demand for their delicious product grows. It just goes to show they are onto a good thing!”

  • Moreish Whole Wild Rabbit – RRP $25.00
  • Moreish Diced Wild Goat – RRP $12.99 (500gms)
  • Moreish Venison Osso Bucco – RRP $17.99
  • Moreish Beef Osso Bucco –  RRP $16.00 (4x 200gm pieces)

For more information about Moreish, visit www.moreish.co.nz

For images of the Moreish wild game selection, please click here

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Up Your Culinary Game This Dinner Party Season – with Exotic Cuts From Moreish!
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