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Vineyard Puts Skills of Top Kiwi Winemakers to the Test

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Vineyard Puts Skills of Top Kiwi Winemakers to the Test some of New Zealand’s best wine producers will enter a new Riesling competition.


Top Kiwi winemakers from vineyards across the country are set to put their skills to the test as part of the inaugural NZ Riesling Challenge launched by an innovative local wine company.

The NZ Riesling Challenge is an initiative from Mud House Wines, an award-winning brand that has achieved significant success and recognition for its wines both locally and overseas.

With 12 winemakers selected to hand craft a Riesling using fruit picked from the same vineyard at the same time in 2010, the wines will be judged by the participating winemakers alongside Chairman of Judges, Bob Campbell.

To complete the challenge, each winemaker received four tonnes of grapes hand-picked in April from the Mud House vineyard. Contestants then crushed, pressed and fermented the grapes through their chosen method, in stainless steel or oak, to produce the best Riesling wine, dry or sweet.

All the wines will be bottled by the end of October, with one bottle of each of the 12 Rieslings going to create a mixed case of wine, The Riesling Challenge Dozen, which is available for purchase in New Zealand.

Neil Charles-Jones, shareholder and director of the Mud House Wine Group, says the NZ Riesling Challenge is a novel way to spread the Riesling story and highlight the versatility of the Riesling grape.

“We’re thrilled to have launched the inaugural year of the NZ Riesling Challenge and are confident that it will produce a fantastic selection of standout wines from top winemakers,” says Charles-Jones.

 “The NZ Riesling Challenge is all about promoting Riesling as a variety, while also promoting the Waipara region and all it has to offer.”

The winner of the NZ Riesling Challenge will be announced at the Mud House Blondie concert on December 19, 2010 featuring Blondie and The Pretenders.

The wines will be bottled mid-October and only 2000 cases will be available for public purchase in November 2010 through participating wineries, the Mud House Wine Group and a dedicated NZ Riesling Challenge website.

To purchase the Reislings and for more information including how to receive a pre release discount of 20% visit www.rieslingchallenge.co.nz

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Vineyard Puts Skills of Top Kiwi Winemakers to the Test
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