Sep 2012

Virtual Fireplace Coming To Your Home

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Heating solutions company Rinnai has delivered a concept that will help their customers be able to visually see what their home will look like with a fireplace with the help of their new app.

Heating solutions company Rinnai has turned to augmented reality technology to answer consumers’ calls for a better understanding of what a fireplace might look like in their home.
The hot water and home heating brand has developed a free mobile and tablet app to help consumers visualise how their choice of fireplace would fit with their surroundings.
Use of the app allows Rinnai customers to overlay the image of a selected fireplace in their own living rooms through their device’s camera.
The National Marketing Manager of Rinnai Kathryn Geck says the app utilises the most up-to-date mobile technology to allow consumers to try out new fireplaces virtually, without a financial commitment, and its fun to use.
_Our research into the customer decision making process identified the uncertainty consumers feel when making big purchases that will become permanent fixtures in their homes.
_It’s always been our dream to show homeowners what a fireplace could potentially look like in their own living rooms before they commit to a purchase. Getting a new fireplace can transform the look and feel of a home and it is important to get it right,” says Geck.
Users of the app will be able to swap out the fascia (or outer face of the fireplace), as well as the burn media and choose between one of several different types of walls to act as a backdrop, or superimpose the image onto their own living room wall, says Geck.
_Our customers can then choose to share the augmented image they have created through social media and invite the opinion of friends and family,” she says.
Geck says the app is user-friendly and just as useful for architects and tradespeople who want to get a better sense of what a certain fireplace might look like in the space.
_They too will be able to locate the app on their smartphone or iPad from either Google Play or Apple iTunes AppStore*, scan the centre spread of our gas fireplace and home heating catalogue which they can pick up from a Rinnai stockist or download from the Rinnai website and stick on the wall in their home. The technology will pick up on the centre spread image of the catalogue and launch the app automatically. Users will then be guided on what to do through a series of steps,” says Geck.
Customers can also download and print catalogues from the Rinnai website.
For more information visit www.rinnai.co.nz/gasfireplaces
or www.rinnai.co.nz/magicbutton

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Virtual Fireplace Coming To Your Home
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