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Wake Up to a Good Morning Every Day with aXBo

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Wake Up to a Good Morning Every Day with aXBo a new alarm clock can sense the best time of the morning to wake you up.


Its a situation for many of us thats all too familiar the inevitable beep of the alarm which signals its time to get up and we begin the day feeling groggy, irritable and overtired. Now you can ensure you wake up on the right side of the bed every day with the revolutionary new aXbo sleep phase alarm clock.

The ground-breaking aXbo which is now available in New Zealand is the first sleep phase alarm clock in the world that allows you to be woken at the time thats best for you!

Austrian designed the aXbo works on a patented waking system that calculates your ideal waking time on the basis of your body movements. By identifying sleep phases, the aXbo wakes you gently within the last 30 minutes before your preset alarm time, at a moment when your body is almost awake to provide a greater feeling of wellbeing and enhance your productivity throughout the day. No more dreaded Monday mornings!

Easy to use, you simply wear the aXbo terrycloth wristband to bed and set the latest time you can be woken on your aXbo. The wristband contains a sensor that registers your movements during sleep and sends them to the alarm clock, which then interprets the information to determine your optimal waking time. This allows you to feel like you have woken up naturally without oversleeping thanks to the preset alarm time.

Everybody goes through several sleep cycles during the night, alternating between deep and shallow sleep phases. An adult sleep cycle, which lasts between 90 and 110 minutes, begins with a light to deep sleep phase before moving into the dream phase.

This cycle repeats itself approximately four to five times in one night. Scientific studies undertaken by the Siesta Group* have proven that the sleep phase from which we are woken not only influences how we feel in the morning, but through the entire day.

Director of aXbo Australia & New Zealand, Marcus Fantl, says the aXbo has been developed in cooperation with sleep researchers to help people wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead by waking you at the most ideal time for your body.

To calculate your ideal waking time, the aXbo sends wave pulses from the sensor on your wristband to the alarm clock, when you move, for a hundredth of a second per movement. The sensor sends below one ten-thousandth of the transmitting power of a mobile phone. So even if you move frequently in the course of a night the transmitting waves last less than five seconds altogether, says Fantl.

The aXbo runs off three built-in rechargeable batteries that allow it to operate without electricity for up to 7 days. Also available for couples, allowing the alarm to wake two people individually, the aXbo features six different alarm melodies with adjustable volume settings.

Available in white, black, red and pink, the aXbo retails for RRP $359.00 for singles and RRP $399.00 for couples.

For more information and to purchase an aXbo visit www.axbo.net.nz

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Wake Up to a Good Morning Every Day with aXBo
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