Jun 2010

Welcome to the Polaroid Movement: Instant Photography is Back

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Welcome to the Polaroid Movement: Instant Photography is Back the iconic brand has had a renaissance.


Fans of the Polaroid brand worldwide were devastated about the death of instant film.  Now those fans can rejoice again: Polaroid instant photography is back.

A worldwide group of creative voices has joined together because of their love of instant film photography and sharing.

The “Polaroid Movement” unites creative minds, leading instant and digital imaging technologies and iconic photographers.

For those who love the Polaroid brand and the sheer thrill of instant photography, the future is bright.

Today we announce the launch of the Polaroid 300 camera in Australia to mark the return of instant film photography.

It is the first of many new products that help fans create, capture, print, store, share and enjoy images.

Featuring classic Polaroid instant film, automatic flash and four scene settings, the new Polaroid 300 Instant Camera delivers a new twist on the classic instant photo.

The camera is available with a suggested retail price of $199.00. Ten-packs of Polaroid 300 instant film retail for $29.95.  The Polaroid 300 is a tribute to the iconic Polaroid brand.

“We are thrilled that today marks the return of instant.  It’s bigger – and better – than ever. The Polaroid Movement is one that we heartfully embrace and intend to build upon by


reaching the creative community and global Polaroid fans alike,” said Giovanni Tomaselli, Managing Director of the Summit Global Group, the exclusive worldwide licensee for Polaroid branded imaging products.

“We are excited that Polaroid is bringing back instant photography for amateur and professional photographers alike, and we are ecstatic that we are inspiring a new generation with the magic of instant.” said John Rule, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Polaroid at Hagemeyer Brands Australia.

Lady Gaga’s recent appointment as the Creative Director for the Polaroid brand is one step in developing new and exciting Polaroid branded products.

Lady Gaga recently presided over a series of product design and development sessions in Tokyo for co-branded Polaroid products.  At these sessions, Lady Gaga unveiled her creative vision, style and passion for Polaroid products.

In addition, the Polaroid brand has partnered with global leaders in imaging technologies to reach and support its fans, both new and old.

Summit Global Group has partnered with ZINK Imaging with regards to its exciting ZINK® Zero Ink® Printing Technology, and with plans to market a full range of instant digital products utilizing ZINK technology.

The launch of the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer and Instant Digital Camera both use this groundbreaking ink-free printing technology to print photos instantly and without ink.  New ZINK-enabled products will be unveiled in late 2010.

These products will showcase the fun of instant and the power of digital that personifies what the Polaroid brand is all about.

“Reconnecting consumers to the soul of the Polaroid brand through instant photography will stimulate growth opportunities and satisfy our global fans.” stated Scott W. Hardy, President of PLR IP Holdings, LLC.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera – available June 2010 in Black, Red or Blue  (RRP: $199.00)

Single pack of 300 film, 10 exposures available June 2010 (RRP: $29.95)

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Welcome to the Polaroid Movement: Instant Photography is Back
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