Sep 2014

Wellington Company wins Top Travel Award

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Paul Rennie, owner of Orbit Travel Wellington is awarded Best Manager Corporate Award at this years TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards.

Paul RennieA Wellington travel company has won the top travel award at the TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards, which recognise outstanding performance in the industry.

Orbit Travel Wellington owner Paul Rennie was awarded the Best Manager Corporate Award, and says the corporate travel business is thriving as New Zealand’s international business partners become more diverse.

Rennie says New Zealand’s continued growth into new government and corporate markets means more and more NZ businesses need a service such as this, especially when travelling to more complex destinations overseas.

“New Zealand business executives are travelling more frequently than ever before as they work to develop and cultivate government and corporate markets. I believe the key to success in this industry is a holistic approach towards both our customers changing requirements, as well as our staff and teams.

He says his award is dedicated to and celebrated by every member of the company.

“Our entire team fully understands the unique requirements of corporations when it comes to organising business travel.

Business travellers trust us to provide thorough care, efficiency and a personalised service every time. To deliver this it’s vital we stay on top of the technology changes.  My team spends a lot of time building and maintaining relationships not just with our corporates but also with our suppliers who we see as key partners. Our focus is to negotiate the best deals for our clients so we are seen as a partner and add true value – at the end of the day, like a lot of businesses, it’s about people,” says Rennie.

House of Travel CEO Mark O’Donnell says Rennie’s success at the awards evening shows how much businesses value this approach and its continued relevance in today’s market.

“We are thrilled to see Paul and his team, and the Orbit business model regionally, rewarded for providing support to NZ governments departments, corporates and their employees and for ensuring our business and government travellers get to where they need to be and safely home again,” says O’Donnell.

Rennie received his prestigious award at the TAANZ Awards on recently at the Pullman Hotel.

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Wellington Company wins Top Travel Award
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