Public Relations

“The general public is the only critic whose belief is of value at all." - Mark Twain (on Public Relations)

Jennifer Lopez public relations campaign

Jennifer Lopez for Gillette Venus

Public Relations has come to be unquestionably one of the most significant elements in any marketing strategy.

When managed by one of the most seasoned and professional PR companies Auckland has to offer, strategic Public Relations (PR) will help to build consumer awareness for your organisation’s brand and allow it to be correctly positioned within the marketplace.

A compelling PR strategy from respected New Zealand public relations agencies will result in your service or product being positively showcased and put into the right hands at the right time for media attention and endorsement.

Auckland PR agencies such as Impact PR can also help to re-position and alter the perceptions of your brand, resulting in a desirable public image. As PR creates valued exposure in credible third-party outlets, it offers a legitimacy that other marketing tools such as advertising do not have.

How Can Our Auckland PR Agency Help Your Brand?

1) Leverage media and other influencer relationships
2) Build credibility through positioning you as the subject matter expert
3) Use proven strategies to engage the right audience to perform a particular action
4) Build brand recognition
5) Promote positive sentiment by discussing great things your company is doing

Whether conducted on its own, or as part of a holistic marketing campaign, public relations agencies can provide a sense of your brand being everywhere, through the use of a range of communications tools and channels.

With PR, your target market will be exposed to more evocative information about your brand than ever before and a strong return on investment is guaranteed.

Impact PR offers clients public relations insights which are derived from decades of experience as journalists. That experience is used to bridge the gap between client and editor ensuring the needs of both are met in a way that effectively fulfills the objectives of all.

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