Travel and Tourism PR

As a team of experienced travellers ourselves we are passionate about promoting not just destinations but the organisations and travel partners that help get people there.

How do you define a successful PR campaign within the Travel and Tourism industry?

Clients in the travel and tourism industry can have a range of objectives (including raising brand awareness or recovering from a high-profile issue) and meeting those is part of a successful PR campaign.

Ultimately a good PR campaign is about ticket sales and driving awareness of the tourism offering or destination. However due to the volatile nature of some parts of the world, we are also increasingly called in for crisis support.


What can PR offer travel and tourism brands?

Effective public relations is really about educating Kiwis on the various travel and tourism offerings. For example, cruise is growing – once thought to be for the older generation, it is becoming increasingly becoming popular with families. It’s knowing the appetites of the Kiwi traveller and marketing to capture them.

Why Impact PR:

Travel and tourism is one of our specialist fields. We have represented numerous airlines, hotels, rental car companies conference facilities both in NZ and internationally.

We also understand the impact that crisis and issues can have on tourism brands. The volume of passengers and customers that flow through an airline or hotel on a given day can expose travel and tourism operators to more risk. We offer a 24/7 crisis management service to help mitigate any damage that may be caused by customer service issues or other incidents – this service includes proactive response management with media and social media.

We have worked with the brands shown below on a number of PR projects. You can read more about our campaigns for JUCY Snooze; Virgin Galactic Space Flight and China Southern Airlines.

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