Healthcare PR

The competitive and highly-regulated nature of the healthcare industry necessitates effective public relations services

Healthcare is one of fastest-growing global industries – from pharmaceutical and medical device companies to health plans and hospitals. The nature of healthcare – dynamic, competitive and highly-regulated, necessitates effective public relations; understanding where a brand needs to be and how to get there, navigating new forms of communication, digital technology platforms and managing consumer expectations.

Public relations is an investment in the brand and the visibility of a healthcare organisation. The industry will inevitably continue to progress, which is why PR is essential to the success of a brand seeking growth and recognition.

How Healthcare Public Relations works

PR is unique in its ability to nurture, nourish and protect a company’s reputation, credibility and brand recognition. Bottom line – healthcare public relations helps an organisation foster a clear voice in the industry and position it as a respected advisor in the field.

Progressive public relations, while always firmly focused on relationship-building, now expands beyond the traditional standard media release to encompass tactics such as content creation, social media, SEO, crisis and issues management and more. As an offset, PR can reach significantly larger audiences and engage them for longer durations. And while healthcare companies are striving to reach consumers, providers, payers, business decision makers or public policy makers, it is also essential they find new and innovative ways to increase engagement, connection and above all, trust.

The level of trust in a brand influences the way consumers and companies engage and do business

The level of trust in a brand influences the way consumers and companies engage and do business. Given the nature of the healthcare industry, many people are working with less information than they need or being asked to make decisions about which they feel unprepared or unqualified to make on their own. Potential customers must feel confident that they are making the right decision – whether it is for themselves, a family member or their company. This confidence stems primarily from trust.

PR helps a brand become a trusted industry voice through the creation of valuable, engaging and educational content; blogs, articles, case studies and more. Social media sharing has also established itself as a trusted source of information that customers see as credible and therefore will utilise to inform their decisions.

A successful PR campaign will see a company take an integrated approach to their public relations, while leveraging the components of trust to raise brand awareness, foster good relationships and implement desired actions.

The role of an agency in Healthcare PR

When you engage a public relations agency to work with your brand, their role will entail four key elements:


Brand Builder

An organisation that wants to achieve cut-through in a busy market must build brand recognition and trust. This necessitates news coverage, visibility at industry events, key people from the organisation speaking at conferences and creating noise around the company’s key values and offerings. Good healthcare PR will help you build your brand’s reputation through demonstrating subject matter expertise, help you become a trusted and respected voice at events, shape your industry narrative and showcase your company as opinion leader.


Messaging is at the heart of any brand. Without a clear, concise message that resonates with potential buyers, companies can lose the opportunity to communicate with current and potential consumers. It is essential to tailor this message to individual audiences; a healthcare PR agency plays a key role in delivering the right messages to the right audiences.

Lead Generator

Good healthcare public relations will effectively build your brand and spread your message; instigating more online traffic and generating more revenue when your PR agency targets the desired audience. Effective PR strategies will position your company top of mind with relevant media and generate demand with key publics.

Company Advisor

A healthcare PR agency acts not only as the voice of an organisation but also as a trusted advisor. With rules and regulations a key part of any healthcare organisation, the agency acts as spokesperson for the client, playing an integral role in providing accurate advice and recommendations when necessary. In addition, the agency should help the organisation be ready to respond to crisis and or issues at a moment’s notice.

What Impact PR can do for you:

For more than two decades, Impact PR’s award-winning team of consultants have helped pharmaceutical companies and other organisations in the health industry achieve their strategic objectives through targeted communications.

What makes us different?

One key point of difference is the use of former journalists in creating and pitching content that resonates with target media. Many of these are former colleagues that have risen to senior editorial management – which provides us with a unique understanding of their requirements – and the relationship to leverage on behalf of our clients.

As an agency we understand the space healthcare public relations is entering; the rigorous regulatory constraints placed on marketing of medicines, the need for sensitivity when dealing with patients and the public image of the pharmaceutical industry.

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