Automotive and Technology PR

Great public relations will give your company the insight to what content, channel or message really works for your audience.

Impact PR has worked with dozens of technology and automotive companies to help them create awareness, drive lead generation, build perceived value and position for exit. These companies have included major brands and innovative challengers. We have built and developed a strong team with significant sector expertise and knowledge across a range of mediums.

Tech PR Insights

PR professionals take a lead role in customer insight

B2B tech brands have not typically always known enough about their publics and prospects. A consequence of this is that the marketing and sales campaigns and messages they deliver haven’t resonated with audiences as much as they should. However, things are changing. B2B Sales and marketing teams are beginning to be better informed; with advances in business psychology and data collection, and the emergence of planners who can transform this data into insight, tech PR professionals are able to play a lead role in customer insights.

It is important to recognise that media relations should remain the domain of PR professionals as opposed to other senior members of the engaged company

Effective media relations are essential

There are undoubtedly many important facets to tech and automotive PR, but above all, clients hire PR agencies to secure them targeted media coverage, which helps to activate marketing programmes and reach a wide range of audiences. It is important to recognise that media relations should remain the domain of PR professionals as opposed to other senior members of the engaged company. It’s what we’re good at.

PR plays a key role in integrated marketing programmes

We believe PR is the best channel to lead integrated efforts. PR agencies have a good grasp on multi-channel communications, we are great at inventive storytelling, we possess superior market and customer insight and we can handle measurement tied to business outcomes.

Tech PR growth set to fire

Research shows tech PR is about to boom. As the tech market enjoys rapid growth, so do the opportunities for PR to play a more strategic, integrated and effective role in campaigns – the potential for growth is immense.

What Impact PR can do for you:

Whether you are a technology or automotive firm needing business to business PR or business to consumer PR in New Zealand, Impact PR can help. Our team are experienced in promoting technology and automotive brands in this market.

Our directors specialised in taking a technology or automotive industry story and making it relevant to general news and business media as well. The benefit of this is that it will give your brand the reach it needs to achieve maximum visibility. After all, business decision makers are just as likely to read the front of the newspaper as they are to read the latter sections!

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