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Beauty and Fashion Public Relations: Your questions answered

What does a great PR campaign look like?

A good Beauty Campaign will be characterised by a great connection, which in turn creates engagement from beauty key opinion leaders, bloggers and media. Similarly, an effective Fashion PR campaign will be established by getting relevant people and publics engaged and excited about the brand.


Why should a fashion or beauty brand use PR?

Public relations offers an invaluable way to achieve credible third party endorsement. People trust beauty editors, bloggers and influencers – increasingly this is where they get their information over and above advertising.


Should a PR company try my products?

It is essential for PR people to trial their clients’ products. Your PR team will be pitching your products to all relevant audiences and should be able to enthusiastically communicate their results, whether it’s an anti-ageing lotion, lip gloss, a set of killer heels with the comfort factor or an all-purpose jacket. Everyone who works on the account should try sample sizes or testers to authentically experience the product. Adding personal endorsement to pitching can often increase editor interest – and it’s always more fun to pitch a product you have confidence will deliver on its claims.


How much does a PR company need to know about the products it represents?

Achieving great coverage for beauty brands is similar to any product in terms of the value of a persuasive pitch, however it is also hugely product-sample focused, requiring in-depth knowledge of beauty, skin and hair trends and ingredients. Your PR team need to be able to speak intelligently and eloquently about the ingredients and formulations. How the product looks is important, but what it actually does (and how) is even more so.

Why Impact PR?

With a team made up of former beauty editors, beauty bloggers and magazine editors with decades of PR industry experience our ability to promote health and beauty products is unrivalled.

Having been on the other side of receiving press kits and product information we know first-hand what beauty KOLs, media and bloggers need.

Here are just some of the brands we have worked with:

Impact PR & Smashbox at New Zealand Fashion Week

Impact PR achieved fantastic coverage for client Smashbox at New Zealand Fashion Week. From key beauty editors to bloggers and social media influencers, alongside targeted publics, the brand was top of mind for the duration of the week and was cemented as the makeup of choice for those in the know.

…a carefully managed event…
NZ Herald (commenting on Impact PR’s Air New Zealand Fashion Week Designer launch event management)

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