COVID-19: Remote Working Adjustment Period Needed For Thousands of Kiwis

With hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders working from home during the first day of the COVID-19 lockdown, many will require a period of adjustment as they adapt to remote working.

Having run a satellite office for our Auckland corporate communications agency for a number of years, I believe there are several keys to establishing a productive work environment at home including; establishing a work routine, creating a suitable work environment, getting the right work tools and in the current health situation, maintaining a hygienic and safe workspace.

The isolation of remote working is not something everyone will adapt to easily and to ensure business continuity it is important to maintain strong lines of communication with your colleagues, customers and suppliers at this time.

Each may be facing a different set of challenges ranging from technological to the social implications of losing the buzz of their office environment.

Here are some more tips that may be of use in setting up your home office even just using items you have around the house:

  1. Home office ergonomics are really important as we don’t have easy access to HCPs and physiotherapists. Position your monitors and keyboards at the same height you have them in your workplace – you may need to use two reams of A4 copy paper, books or boxes to adjust the height of your monitor so it is directly in front of you, about an arms-length away and stable.
  2. COVID-19 considerations mean you may need to take special precautions to keep your home office space clean. If you have brought equipment from the office and don’t have commercial cleaning products this could be quarantined in the garage for 72 hours to naturally kill any virus transfer.
  3. Alcohol wipes you have in your home first aid kit could also be used to sanitise keyboards/smartphones etc.
  4. If you need an extra monitor in the home office some TV’s can be converted with an HDMI cable.
  5. Smartphone apps (like Scannable) can be used to substitute for an office scanner.
  6. Keep computer cables tidy using cable ties or double-sided velcro
  7. A well-positioned full-length mirror may add extra light to the workspace.
  8. Set up your home office supply chain early – anticipate your needs and establish accounts with online delivery services as soon as possible in case of shipping delays.
  9. Check with your office, they may be able to supply products at commercial rates for your personal use. Also, make sure you understand their purchasing and approval policy.
  10. May sure you have tech support in place early on that can access your computer remotely if needed.

For more information on how you can help maintain internal and external communications contact us today – we would love to help.

Fleur Revell

Fleur Revell

Director at Impact PR
Fleur Revell is one of the country’s most eminent PR consultants and public relations practitioners with more than 20 years industry experience behind her. Fleur is also a three times Qantas Media Awards winner and Feature Writer of the Year; and has an exceptional working knowledge of the New Zealand media landscape and its accelerating evolution in the digital age.