Auckland, New Zealand is the ideal spot to host unparalleled events created by our team of professional party people.

The event service offering in PR is, at its core, project management of the creation and development of an event. Researching a brand, identifying the target audience, devising a concept for the event and working to coordinate all technical aspects before the event takes place are essential. Planning an event requires budgeting, scheduling, venue selection, catering, coordinating parking and transportation, security, liaising with third party vendors such as florists, stylists and DJs and contingency plans.

Staging an event allows a company to communicate with current and potential audiences. A press conference, promotional event or product launch are all ways to host and get your message across in an innovative and memorable way.

Key topics to think about when staging an event

Attendees for events can cover anyone from traditional news media to key influencers, celebrities, customers and the general public in order to target a wide number of target audiences and generate media coverage to reach the masses.

Almost as important as the guest list are the finer details like music, lighting, flowers and food. Think about how you will ensure branding in the coverage and coverage of your event – these are all questions to ask your agency before you consider events.

A press conference, promotional event or product launch are all ways to host and get your message across in an innovative and memorable way.

We love a good party – and we know that the power of a great event cannot be underestimated. For corporate communications, Impact PR can help you with everything from your guest list to your playlist, while simultaneously curating cleverly executed branding in the coverage of your event.


Crafting Unforgettable Experiences: Trusted Event Management in Auckland by Impact PR

Planning an unforgettable event involves a lot more than just booking a venue and sending out invites. It requires meticulous planning, exceptional creativity, and flawless execution. At Impact PR, we’re offer  event management NZ businesses trust to deliver remarkable experiences tailored to their unique needs. Specialising in corporate event management, our team has the expertise to create experiences that not only impress but also align with your strategic objectives. For businesses based in or around the City of Sails, our corporate event management Auckland services guarantee an event that will be the talk of the town.

The power of a well-executed event extends beyond the day itself; it serves as an invaluable corporate event marketing tool that can elevate your brand and cultivate relationships. We’re more than just a trusted event management company; we’re a full-fledged corporate events agency. With Impact PR, you’re not just getting a top social media strategy; you’re also gaining access to our comprehensive event management services, ensuring all your marketing and PR needs are met under one roof. Our holistic approach combines elements of traditional and digital marketing to amplify the reach and impact of your event. Whether you’re launching a product, hosting an industry seminar, or celebrating a company milestone, Impact PR ensures your event is a resounding success.