Media Training

Our media training services in Auckland, New Zealand focus on giving your spokespeople the tools necessary to handle any media interview with finesse.

Media training is a way of helping people to better understand and navigate the media, develop skills as a spokesperson and the confidence to hold effective interviews with media across television, radio or news outlets.

The end goal of media training is to instil a sense of autonomy and confidence in the spokesperson when they are embarking on interviews with news media. This is achieved through teaching the spokesperson a good understanding of the media so they are well-versed in interview techniques.

Media training is an essential part of ensuring your key spokespeople are prepared and well versed to take advantage of any potential media opportunities, or respond in a crisis situation. A well-trained media spokesperson is able to convey your brand’s key messages in a clear, concise and approachable manner, and ensure you secure more share of voice over competitors.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Effective media training from our team will arm your spokespeople with the skills necessary to handle any media interview situation with style.


Mastering Media Interactions: Bespoke Media Training by Impact PR for Confident and Effective Communication

Impact PR offers the media training NZ businesses trust for their communication needs, equipping you with the skills to handle media interactions like a seasoned pro. Specialising in executive media training, we offer bespoke courses that empower leaders to navigate the complexities of media interactions with confidence and poise.

If you’re Auckland-based or operating in the region, our media training Auckland services provide local insights that are invaluable in shaping your media strategy. Whether you’re preparing for a big product launch, a company milestone, or managing crisis communication, our comprehensive media training ensures you’re ready for any scenario. With Impact PR, you’re not just getting trained; you’re becoming media-savvy, ready to turn every interaction into an opportunity for positive brand exposure.