Public Relations

As a leading public relations agency in Auckland, New Zealand, it’s our job to find out just how awesome you are – then go out and tell the world all about it.

Public relations is by its definition, the actions of an organisation to promote goodwill between itself and the public. As a leading PR agency in Auckland,  the team at Impact PR are skilled in the art of promoting this goodwill. We are your cheerleaders, goodwill ambassadors and brand custodians – we’re all about making you look great.

PR is an honest account of how others see your brand, essentially it’s their opinion of you, your products or service. In today’s world where the lines of editorial content and advertising are blurred, the increase in the amount of ‘native advertising’, ‘fake news’ and the growth of influencers and bloggers, makes it problematic for consumers to decipher what is real and true about what you have to offer.

It’s our job to get other people talking about you

An effective PR campaign will deliver greater brand awareness about you, what you stand for or what your products or services deliver, and positive third party endorsement. It’s our job to get other people talking about you (in a positive way of course). In contrast, advertising is the paid message that you want consumers to hear about you. Conversely, in PR we tell them about you and let them decide for themselves.

Our experience as business owners has given us insight to just how far the marketing dollar needs to stretch, which is why we treat each of our clients’ businesses as if they were our own. While the line between public relations and advertising continues to blur, we strongly believe that the fundamental difference remains – advertising is paid media, PR provides free editorial exposure.

We are responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with your target audience, relevant media and key influencers.

The beauty of hiring us as your public relations management agency is that we consistently deliver the best content that can boost your brand success. On any given day we could be drafting news releases and additional content for news, working with the media, arranging interviews for brand spokespeople, designing communications campaigns, speechwriting, speaking to media on behalf of your business, preparing clients for press conferences, media interviews and speeches, creating content for social media and websites, managing crisis and issues, seeking expert counsel on trends in media public relations and influencer marketing, overseeing internal communications, or organising events and activations.

Whether you are a small team looking to boost your advertising and communications capabilities, or a large company seeking to advance your media and influencer relations, content marketing, and social media engagement, we can help you achieve your PR goals. Impact PR is your number one choice for all your marketing and public relations needs.

We know that successful PR requires an in-depth understanding of your business stakeholders and their interests and concerns.

We know that successful PR requires an in-depth understanding of your business stakeholders and their interests and concerns. It is our job to address these concerns effectively through persuasive, influential and inspired publicity – the essence of true public relations.

Bottom line? You know you’re awesome. We know you’re awesome. Let us tell the world just how awesome you are. Because that’s what great PR is all about.


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