Small Business Marketing Tips from Domino’s Pizza

Let me guess. You’ve got a brilliant small business marketing idea that’s set to change the world; you’re just waiting for the ‘Right Time’ Gods to tap you on the shoulder? Well join the queue.

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not as easy as just thinking you’ll be fatefully alerted when the opportune moment arrives. Start-up begins with ‘start’ after all, and if the idea is indeed a great one, why should the world wait?

The General Manager for the country’s largest pizza chain, Josh Kilimnik, agrees the most important thing is getting going and kitting up for more than a stroll down Easy Street.

The head of Domino’s Pizza in New Zealand spends his time mentoring franchisees, and says entrepreneurs need to be prepared for a lot of small business marketing work ahead.

In short, if you’re the type of person who gets excited about cancelled plans – relishing the chance to stay in your PJs with the TV remote – being your own boss may not be for you.

Kilimnik says having an energetic passion for your business idea is crucial in inspiring the investment of staff.

“It is truly amazing how this can rub off onto staff and inspire them to have an investment in your business,” he says.

But hang on a minute. How do you select good staff members from the probable mobs lining up to support your Einstein-esque idea?

Kilimnik says it’s vital that you choose employees whose work ethic is in line with how you see your business.

“Staff must support your long term goals of where you want to take your store, and have an appreciation for the bigger picture,” he says.

“It’s essential that you build strong teams because everything you achieve will be with the help of your staff.”

Fair enough. Setting the world on fire will take more than a single match.

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